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Re: Trouble setting default font and window size

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Trouble setting default font and window size
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2016 15:57:29 +0200
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Ron House wrote:

>>> (custom-set-faces
>> Try using `set-face-attribute' instead!
> Thanks Emanuel, but it doesn't work.
> With that change it says:
> Warning (initialization): An error occurred
> while loading `/home/h/.emacs':
> Wrong type argument: symbolp, (default ((t
> (:inherit nil :stipple nil :inverse-video nil
> :box nil :strike-through nil :overline nil
> :underline nil :slant normal :weight normal
> :height 90 :width normal :foundry bitstream
> :family Bitstream Vera Sans Mono))))

Yes, it doesn't work exactly like
`custom-set-faces'. But if you use the help
(`C-h f set-face-attribute RET') you can
achieve the equivalent, and perhaps circumvent
your problem.

Also `modify-face' may be of use - it is a good
start. Again, use the help to learn
the interface!

Last, you can use ~/.Xresources to move a lot
of that stuff from the Emacs init files and
also from the invocation command-line
arguments. If you do that, you need this line

    xrdb ~/.Xresources

in the ~/.xinitrc file.

You can grep the web from "Xresources" and
"Emacs" for examples what it can look like.

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