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Re: Trouble setting default font and window size

From: HASM
Subject: Re: Trouble setting default font and window size
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2016 14:26:48 -0700
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Emanuel Berg <address@hidden> writes:

>> I push this into my xrdb
> So as to not confuse the OP, most likely you
> mean ~/.Xresources.

I could further confuse the OP and claim that I have this in my
  export XAPPLRESDIR=${HOME}/.x11resources/
  export XENVIRONMENT=${HOME}/.Xdefaults
and have one file per X application under $XAPPLRESDIR, and a bunch of
includes in the $XENVIRONMENT file for the applications I still use,
just because that is the way I did way back when (and don't actually
call xrdb anymore) but that would be unnecessary :-)

>> -----------------------------------------------------------------
>> Emacs*geometry:   100x50

> Thank you, that is what I meant. Also, for an
> X user, you have good taste in options :)


> As for the Elisp, you don't need a `progn' after `defun', and if you
> replace `if' with `when', you get an implicit progn - and you can do
> this safely, because you don't have an "else" clause to your if!

Thanks again. My Elisp is rudimentary.  I used to have a cond in there
instead of the if, with cases for other window systems, but I dropped it
when I recently switched from XEmacs back to Emacs.


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