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Re: [screenshot] Emacs instant colors (and the Elisp full cycle)

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: [screenshot] Emacs instant colors (and the Elisp full cycle)
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2015 02:51:10 +0200
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Rusi <address@hidden> writes:

> When I visit it, it does not do all the colorfulness
> of your screenshot And cant load it because there're
> all sorts of your own requires out there.

You only need `font-lock-add-keywords'. If you read
the documentation, you find out that what I did is
exactly what it does! That way you also find out
I didn't do anything else and the requires are
unrelated. See?

> Anyways... 'seriously man'... fontlock technicolor
> is not my priority

It is rather to be able to solve simple problems by
examining code and documentation peace and quiet and
not get discouraged at the first unknown encounter.

But I like "fontlock technicolor" :) Exactly.

> So I am not going to iterate over this... unless you
> give me a version that splashes my screen with color
> when called as $ emacs -Q emanuel-buffer.el



    emacs -Q -l captain-mr-king.el captain-mr-king.el

> [Or as I said earlier you can put the demo on that
> python thread yourself]

Well, this isn't exactly an example of Lisp being
a "programmable programming language". This is an
example of Emacs being programmable in Elisp as well
as a tool to write Elisp. The difference might (?) get
subtile down below. The example that would prove the
point should rather be a macro that changes the syntax
of Lisp, for example `dotimes' - myself, I'm not
a macro writer tho I use them (sometimes). Of course
you may still use this example in any way you like.

underground experts united

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