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[screenshot] Emacs instant colors (and the Elisp full cycle)

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: [screenshot] Emacs instant colors (and the Elisp full cycle)
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2015 02:13:00 +0200
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In many posts now I've touched upon and tried to
explain the beauty of Lisp, and in particular Elisp,
where the beauty is not a function of some property
that hangs from the "E" - come to think of it,
everything begins with an "e" - but rather because of
the killer 1-2 combination that is an interactive
environment *and* Lisp - and not Lisp in general, but
specifically to interact with that selfsame
environment, while capable of doing everything else
as well!

So should cred be given to the underlying
architecture, which is brilliant, and not to the
dialect in particular, which serves its purpose to the
point? Well, as I see it there is no lack of good
ideas in the world - the challenge is always to
implement them and turn them into pieces of the
domain, which I like to call - reality. However,
certain ideas are so good they stick out as exceptions
to this rule - and I'm absolutely sure, just maybe,
this might be one of them!

If you understand exactly what I mean, take a look at
this screenshot to be even more confused:

underground experts united

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