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Re: [screenshot] Emacs instant colors (and the Elisp full cycle)

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: [screenshot] Emacs instant colors (and the Elisp full cycle)
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2015 05:07:17 +0200
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<address@hidden> writes:

>> Holly would if she could. If you have
>> a non-JavaScript version of that I'll read it.
> ... I'm often at a loss to express that feeling.
> May I use that quote from time to time?
> With attribution, of course :-)

As the great, late Pablo Neruda once said or could
have said, a poem does not belong to the one who wrote
it, but the one who needs it.

OT: But I didn't coin that phrase. I think it is a tag
line to some 90's movie. Perhaps starring
Alicia Silverstone at age 19. Oh, no. Please excuse
this disruption to your Emacs workflow. There is no
such movie. (Actually, Ms. Silverstone was 18 years, 9
months, and 15 days at the premiere of "Clueless"!
But it wasn't that one but some animated movie - in
synch with the theme of this thread...)

underground experts united

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