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Re: $EDITOR to open at file end?

From: Alexis
Subject: Re: $EDITOR to open at file end?
Date: Mon, 09 Mar 2015 16:39:18 +1100

On 2015-03-09T16:14:20+1100, Bob Proulx <> said:

BP> I would expect newcomers to have small init files.

Well, a number of newcomers nowadays are starting out by using prebuilt configs of some description, e.g.


which those newcomers feel helps them getting started with Emacs. i've seen several arguments both for and against such things; personally, i think it's great that members of the Emacs community are trying to help ease some newcomers' transition to Emacs. Some people work best by starting out in a relatively familiar environment from which they can gradually move away, rather than having to learn a whole lot of new behaviours simultaneously.

BP> It is us old BP> timers that have collected up much lint in them over the years. BP> I have been using Emacs since version 18.

:-) i think i first started using Emacs around some version 20 release, though it's only in the last several years that i've been making increasingly heavy use of it. Still, yes, a lot of cruft built up until i started using org-babel to organise my config; that, together with being able to use package.el to manage the installation and update of almost all of the many extensions i use, has meant that there are increasingly fewer bits of cruft for me to manage. :-)


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