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Re: $EDITOR to open at file end?

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: $EDITOR to open at file end?
Date: Mon, 09 Mar 2015 01:11:17 +0100
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Bob Proulx <> writes:

>> emacs +`perl -MPOSIX -le 'print INT_MAX'` FILE
>> which uses data in /usr/include/limits.h.
> That just swaps 999999 for a larger value of
> LARGENUMBER. I don't think it intrinsically changes
> the flavor of the issue.

In practice, it is worse because it requires an extra
processes to be launched as well as Perl to be
installed on a POSIX system. No, it is only
"poster politics" - it never feels good to hard code
anything. That's a good gut feeling to have acquired,
but one should be aware when the (most often) healthy
gut feeling crosses the line and gets irrational. On
the third hand, if it bugs you enough, who cares if it
is irrational as long as it works and is interesting
to do. Then what is rational about it is that it works
and is interesting to do and doesn't bug you.

For example, how does this look:

    (setq last-char-english-alphabet "z")
    (setq english-alphabet-number-of-chars 26)

compared to this?

    (setq english-alphabet '("a" "b" "..." "z"))
    (setq english-alphabet-number-of-chars (length english-alphabet))
    (setq last-char-english-alphabet (car (last english-alphabet)))

> Upon reflection I think the +999999 wasn't so bad.
> Although I like the exactness of the solution for
> (goto-char (point-max)). Having implemented that
> already using a helper script I probably won't walk
> away from it.

If the options on both sides of FILE isn't a problem
that is the best solution I can think of.

underground experts united

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