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Re: Need help for oh-my-emacs.

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Need help for oh-my-emacs.
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2013 23:14:29 +0200
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Xiao Hanyu <address@hidden> writes:

> Recently, I'm doing a project
>, which aims
> to be a
> oh-my-zsh(
> for Emacs world.

I don't get any of this, what did you do?!

A tool to share/synchronize configuration?

Isn't there the EmacsWiki for that?

People just need to share their Elisp, that's the bottom
line. But people don't like that. That's cheating, they
think. The proper way is to share references to the
documentation. Ha ha ha! It is funny because it is
true. Or "sad", I should say.

Sorry, can you just describe the project, more in terms
of your idea, its goal, etc., and perhaps share some
screenshots, rather than in terms of the scope of the
project, etc.?

> 1. A literate way to keep code and documentation
> synced, thus get rid of outdated elisp code snippets
> from google or emacs blogs.  2. Use el-get to manager
> packages, no need to manage load-path and info doc
> 3. Self adapted, only install necessary packages when
> it satisfies the prerequisites.

OK, so it is a *package manager*, like aptitude or
apt-get for Debian and the like? Is that really better
than to just share Elisp?

> 4. better default settings, lots of eye candy.

Well... people have different taste. I like Emacs to
look like a CRT, others like it to look like a book from
some French fashion publisher... Perhaps we should leave
that to each, as we will never reach a conclusion, and
if we try, there will only be bad blood. (This is about
Emacs. Maybe you referred you your tool? Is that a
standalone tool or some Emacs mode by the way?)

> 3. develop new modules for languages that I have no
> idea of, such as erlang/haskell.

I did work in both of those languages and there are
Emacs modes for them. Why would you want new modules?

> When things goes well, I'll try to make an official
> emacs distribution for out-of-box use, see

OK, I hate to be a jerk, but

1. What problems did you experience with the
"distribution" of Emacs that you used, prior to
undertaking this project?


2. What made you think that the solution was in a *new*
distribution, rather than solving the problem *where you
found it*?

> The current oh-my-emacs contains 1. about 900 lines of
> emacs lisp code 2. about 3500 lines of documentation.
> 3. about 50 powerful el-get packages.

In three months, you seemed to have worked very, very
hard on this project. I hope (no irony) you have good
answers to my questions, but even if you don't, no one
can take away your work habits and dedication.

PS. Again, *screenshots* would clarify a lot! DS.

Emanuel Berg, programmer-for-rent. CV, projects, etc at uXu
underground experts united:

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