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Need help for oh-my-emacs.

From: Xiao Hanyu
Subject: Need help for oh-my-emacs.
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2013 14:14:30 +0800

Hi, emacsers:

Recently, I'm doing a project,
which aims to be a oh-my-zsh( for
Emacs world.

I've spent about 3 months, and finished some basic works such as:
1. A literate way to keep code and documentation synced, thus get rid of
outdated elisp code snippets from google or emacs blogs.
2. Use el-get to manager packages, no need to manage load-path and info doc
3. Self adapted, only install necessary packages when it satisfies the
4. better default settings, lots of eye candy.
5. completion every, helm and auto-complete support, I even write a
auto-complete backend( for
geiser(Scheme programming)
6. Modular, load necessary modules when you really need it.

I also got some useful feedback from reddit(,

I came here asking for help since I do know that one person can not finish
all the jobs. I need some help for:
1. testing under Mac OS X environment.
2. Trying to debug some weird problems.
3. develop new modules for languages that I have no idea of, such as

When things goes well, I'll try to make an official emacs distribution for
out-of-box use, see

The current oh-my-emacs contains
1. about 900 lines of emacs lisp code
2. about 3500 lines of documentation.
3. about 50 powerful el-get packages.

All of the above results in a 30MB tarball, you download it, and you get a
full-blown emacs os.

Wait for your response.



Best regards

Hanyu Xiao ^_^ 肖晗宇

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