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a minor problem with AUCTEX. Please help.

From: Porky Pig
Subject: a minor problem with AUCTEX. Please help.
Date: Mon, 18 Jan 2010 14:00:46 -0800 (PST)
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I've been using EMACS+AUCTEX under Windows XP for many years, with
MikTeX, so I"m kind of familiar with its behavior.  A few days ago
I've downloaded the latest EMACS for Windows (23.1.1) + the latest
AUCTEX. Still Windows XP. Now the problem. I use Latex2E to process
the .tex fils and create the dvi. Now when there is a compilation
error, I press C-c C-` to look the error log. The screen gets split,
the error logs shows up in the lower windows, *but* the upper part is
empty. So I have to go to the buffer list and re-read the .tex file
into the upper window. Then the file shows up, with a cursor pointing
to the possible location of the error, as it should be.

Now with my old setup I had a similar situation on occasion: when
AUCTEX can't parse the error, so when I press C-c C-` I get the empty
buffer. With my new setup, however, it happens all the time Latex2e
detects the error.

I wonder whether there's some AUCTEX parameter I can tweak.


(Note: I run portable MIKTEX, and I install and run EMACS+AUCTEX from
the same USB flash drive. Other than that problem I've described,
everything appears to work just fine, but, of course a bit slow.)

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