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Re: a minor problem with AUCTEX. Please help.

From: Leo
Subject: Re: a minor problem with AUCTEX. Please help.
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2010 20:03:19 +0000
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On 2010-01-21 01:55 +0000, Porky Pig wrote:
> Hello, the version of AUTEX we've been using is 11.85.e-23.1, that's
> the latest precompliled version for Windows. I guess the only thing I
> can find on CVS is the source code, and I can't compile, since I don't
> have a compiler for Windows. Is there a precompiled development
> version for Windows somewhere? If not, I guess I'll have to wait till
> the next release is available.

I checked the ChangeLog and found this:

2009-09-13  Ralf Angeli  <address@hidden>

        * TeX-buf.el (TeX-error): Cater for case of file:line:error
        messages without ConTeXt.
        (TeX-parse-error): Add support for quoted file names with
        backslashes as path separators.  Those might be emitted by

which I think may help your problem.

I don't use windows so I have little idea how you can get an updated
precompiled AUCTeX. But I believe compiling AUCTeX on windows is not too


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