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Re: w3m-emacs

From: Raimund Kohl-Fuechsle
Subject: Re: w3m-emacs
Date: Fri, 13 May 2005 17:53:48 +0200

Joe Corneli <address@hidden> wrote:

>    Is there any way of saving a session when using w3m as a web
>    browser? - i.e. so that all pages from previous session are
>    reloaded when the M-x w3m command is passed to emacs? 
> BTW that's the next feature I plan to add to nero :).  (After all the
> bug fixing.)
> I sorta kinda doubt the existence of such a feature for w3m, but
> I don't know.

Isn't C-c C-t (in w3m-mode) what is requested here?


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