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Re: Replacing ocurrences of a string...

From: Greg Rowe
Subject: Re: Replacing ocurrences of a string...
Date: Fri, 13 May 2005 11:04:02 -0400
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address@hidden wrote:
Let's say:
M-x my-template-generator

generates in my - C - buffer
a template like

* <name>
void <name>()

} // <name>

I would like to be prompted for the function name to be replaced with.
Using (query-replace "<name>" "") in "my-template-generator" I have to

What I think you are looking for is skeletons. Here's an example from my emacs skeletons that I use a lot when writing C code.

(define-skeleton skel-struct-c
  "Struct Name:"
  > "typedef struct " str \n
  "{" > \n
  _ > \n
  "} " str "_t;" > )

That defines a skeleton that asks me for the name of the struct and then inserts that name everywhere "str" appears. So if I used the skeleton above and entered "schmoo" when prompted I'd get:

typedef struct schmoo

} schmoo_t;

In addition the cursor ends up inside the struct braces because of the '_' character in the skeleton.

To run this skeleton I have the following in my .emacs:

  (define-abbrev c-mode-abbrev-table "st" "" 'skel-struct-c)

Then, when editing code I can type stC-x a e to use the skeleton. C-x a e runs expand-abbrev and the "define-abbrev" tells emacs to use skel-struct-c as an abbreviation expansion for the strings "st".

For more information check out


Home is where the .bashrc is.

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