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Re: X Resources?

From: kgold
Subject: Re: X Resources?
Date: 13 May 2005 17:33:55 GMT

Greg Novak <address@hidden> writes:
> A long time ago I put the following two lines in my .Xresources file
> to give Emacs a nicer color scheme (in my opinion).  
> ! Set the modeline colors.
> Emacs.modeline*attributeForeground:     Black
> Emacs.modeline*attributeBackground:     AntiqueWhite1
> Some time ago, maybe even years ago, they stopped working, and I just
> now decided I'd try to figure out what was going on.  I used "editres"
> to try to figure out what X resource I should be setting, thinking
> that the name had changed.  However, I couldn't find anything that
> looked like the right thing.
> Is this even how this is done anymore?  I'm running Emacs 21.2 on OS X
> 10.4, built for X11 (obviously), not Carbon.

I avoid using X resources whenever possible, as I try to share my
.emacs between Windows and Unix machines.  Here's a snippet:

(set-face-foreground 'modeline     "navy")
(set-face-background 'modeline     "lightblue1")

Ken Goldman   address@hidden   914-784-7646

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