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Re: clipboard cut/paste problem

From: Ian Zimmerman
Subject: Re: clipboard cut/paste problem
Date: 06 May 2005 21:23:47 -0700
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plaut> Actually, I need to take that back.  Sometimes it works and
plaut> sometimes it doesn't (within only (mouse-select-mode 1) in
plaut> .emacs).  very strange.....

I and others reported this here three times already (I think).  Once I
contacted RMS about it and he said to use gdb to debug.  Now imagine
tracing something like this with gdb!  Intermittent, requires multiple
programs, involves X server ... horror.  Not to speak about the
resources needed just to build emacs with full debugging info.

Looks like this will never get fixed unless someone is paid to
track it down.

If you still stand behind the hypothesis in your penultimate post
that selecting something in emacs triggers it, you got further than
I did, though.  Is that the case - your last post is ambiguous.

Optimist: We're only two weeks behind schedule.
Pessimist: The schedule is a whole two weeks ahead of us.

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