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Re: clipboard cut/paste problem

From: plaut
Subject: Re: clipboard cut/paste problem
Date: 2 May 2005 11:55:33 -0700
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Thanks for the comments.  Using (mouse-sel-mode 1) with default
bindings has mouse-2 bound to mouse-insert-selection, and I can
initially use it to insert the clipboard contents from other programs
(independent of the kill-ring), but once I make a mouse selection
within emacs (mouse-1 drag), the region becomes the primary selection
and mouse-2 inserts it, but then copying to the clipboard from other
programs no longer sets the primary selection for emacs (i.e., mouse-2
continues to insert the last region selected within emacs).  This holds
even if (mouse-sel-mode 1) is the *only* line in .emacs.

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