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Re: clipboard cut/paste problem

From: plaut
Subject: Re: clipboard cut/paste problem
Date: 9 May 2005 18:53:03 -0700
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> If you still stand behind the hypothesis in your penultimate post
> that selecting something in emacs triggers it, you got further than
> I did, though.  Is that the case - your last post is ambiguous.

yes, the problem seems to be triggered by a mouse selection (not just
by setting the region).  Up until that point, setting the clipboard in
another app (by cut/copy) sets the primary selection in emacs (which is
then inserted by mouse-insert-selection).  After an emacs mouse
selection, cut/copy elsewhere no longer sets the primary selection (nor
emacs' view of the clipboard, apparently, as clipboard-yank still
returns "Kill ring is empty").

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