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Re: Fill-paragraph for javadoc in netrexx mode

From: John Russell
Subject: Re: Fill-paragraph for javadoc in netrexx mode
Date: 23 Sep 2003 15:50:08 -0400
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"Stefan Monnier" <address@hidden> writes:

> > Is there now or will there in the future be support in emacs for
> > standard drag and drop?  Even just in the gtk version
> > (which I love by the way). Thanks.
> You think you didn't get any answer, but in reality what you got was
> silence, which means "nobody knows, hence nobody is working on it, so it's
> `no' unless someone like you stands up and writes the code for it."

You see, that's the answer that I was pretty sure I was getting, but
not at all the answer that I _wanted_.  Looks like its time to get me
some C chops.  Thanks.


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