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Re: Fill-paragraph for javadoc in netrexx mode

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Fill-paragraph for javadoc in netrexx mode
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2003 15:33:17 GMT
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> You want less cumbersome syntax and you are trying to write an Emacs
> mode in lisp?  ;-)

Hey!  Looking for trouble ?

> I write java a lot and have never used the
> java-mode that comes with Emacs.  I instead use the JDEE (java
> development environment for Emacs ) Google knows where it is.

Ahem: JDEE uses the built-in java-mode, AFAIK (and extends it in
various ways).

>> Do I need to copy the relevant elisp-code to my own mode? 
> I think borrowing would be best in this case as jde is kinda heavy to
> include, although its great for java development.

I'd say, make a derived-mode:

    (define-derived-mode netrexx-mode java-mode "NetRexx"
      "A mode to edit NetRexx files."

and in the `...' part, just change whatever needs to behave differently.
You can derive from jde-mode if you prefer, of course.

        Stefan "The derived-mode guy"

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