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Fill-paragraph for javadoc in netrexx mode

From: Arjan Bos
Subject: Fill-paragraph for javadoc in netrexx mode
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2003 21:39:54 +0200
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I'm in the process of writing a new major mode for NetRexx. NetRexx is a language that compiles straight into java and allows the use of all the nice features of java without the cumbersome syntax.[1]

One of the features NetRexx uses from java is the javadoc comment style. Could anyone enlighten me please how to use the feature from java-mode in my personal mode. Do I need to copy the relevant elisp-code to my own mode? If so, which parts are the relevant ones?
Or is there a more elegant way to tap into that elisp-code?

Kind regards,
Arjan Bos

[1] Please, let's not fight about this, it's a purely personal opinion. (But true none the less ;-) )

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