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w3 from the console (and under X)

From: upro
Subject: w3 from the console (and under X)
Date: Sat, 03 May 2003 20:27:17 +0200
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Hi all!

When I run emacs under X Windows I have no problems using w3, but when
I run emacs from the console w3 soed not start, and I get an error
message in the modeline which says simply: "Wrong type argument:
stringp, nil". In *Messages* I can read:
"Set-face-attribute: Wrong type argument: stringp, nil".

What's the problem here?
Thank You In Advance!

r-znvy: zvpunry.wryqra  jro.qr (chg gur "@" jurer vg svgf...)
ab fcnz cyrnfr

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