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Re: Issues with ICD-10 coding and translation and missing modules

From: Edgar Hagenbichler
Subject: Re: Issues with ICD-10 coding and translation and missing modules
Date: Wed, 22 Jul 2020 17:56:36 +0200
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Dear Francisco,

Am 22.07.2020 um 12:24 schrieb Francisco Vila:
El 21/7/20 a las 22:20, Edgar Hagenbichler escribió:
At the moment I am confused. I have filtered my 'complete' list and found

 21 chapter names
Yes, they do not provide Chapter 22 (U-codes)

 289 groups in the form A00-A09
we have less, only 262, I did not check it now
 1903 subgroups in the form A00 only

My count shows 1910 3-digit codes in the complete list; and we have 2047 3-digit codes in our old diseases.xml (with 14.335 codes at all or 12.288 4-digit-codes).

1847 3-digit-codes are the same at our xml and the COMPLETE, 200 codes are different in our xml and 63 are different in the COMPLETE list.

It is somewhat strange to me, e.g. A16 "Tuberculosis not confirmed" is missing; probably because in a hospital you should be able to confirm it. Or B21-B23 (HIV resulting in different dieseases) are missing, maybe because they made some rules where they say, you should code the different disease as well and then you can combine it.

The latest two add up to 11768 unique codes, so there is still a big
difference with 14+K.

More research is needed.

You are right, especially if you want to meet the rules of MoH or if you want to create an own module for that. Some years ago I tried to do this for the Austrian ICD-10 MoH version, but it was too complicated for me to build an own module for that.

Just for the ICD-10 WHO version in spanish it should be enough to search for the official translation of that version. Maybe the easiest way is to use and find a script to harvest the information there.

All the best


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