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Re: Issues with ICD-10 coding and translation and missing modules

From: Luis Falcon
Subject: Re: Issues with ICD-10 coding and translation and missing modules
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 2020 19:14:54 +0100

Dear Francisco, dear translators

On Tue, 21 Jul 2020 18:19:22 +0200
Francisco Vila <> wrote:

> El 20/7/20 a las 23:02, Edgar Hagenbichler escribió:
> > Dear Francisco,
> >
> > great that you found a way to harvest this information! That is
> > exactly the right direction!
> >
> > At weblate there is a csv-file with the current translation (but not
> > with the latest updates from yesterday) (see attachment).
> >
> > In A00-B99 there are 935 codes, while in the CIE10-Cap1-bis.txt
> > there are 493 codes. Will it be difficult to provide the other 442
> > codes?
> >
> > Thank you very much!
> >
> > All the best
> >
> > Edgar  
> I have found a very comprehensive list, official, in Spanish. It is
> very recent, too: 01/01/2020.
> It has several levels of detail: one tab named "complete" has rows 5
> to 1320 for A00 to B99.9 and has distinct A00 A01 etc mixed in along
> with A00.0 etc. (Total rows: 99236)
> Another tab named "finals" has only A00.0 A00.1-type entries and it
> goes from row 2 to 1059 for A00.0 -- B99.9 (total rows: 71933)
> It also has tabs for "new" (778 entries, including e.g. two for
> chapter one, namely A04.71 and A04.72) and more.
> Take a look on them in these links (which expire in 7 days)
> * CIE-10-ES-2020-COMPLETE.txt (8,5 MB) alojado en *cloud:
> * CIE-10-ES-2020-FINALS.txt (6,6 MB) alojado en *cloud:

Excellent. We need to match the number of entries from the source
template (health_icd10.pot) with the different languages.

Because the English version is always the one that works "behind the
scenes", the number of entries should be the same in the translated
languages. Of course, it could be the case that the English version is
outdated and then, we would need to update this template before and
then merge it with the other languages.

Doing a quick grep on the msgtxt from the template file we have 14619

On the datafile (diseases.xml) there are 14335 unique IDs. We've got to
check the difference (284). Please note that the POT file must
only be changed in the mercurial repository and not from the WL client.
It might be from changes in subsequent updates, although in a fresh
installation, theoretically, we should get a match on the number of
entries at DB level and number of msgtxt at the template file.

All the best

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