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pre-Guix Days

From: zimoun
Subject: pre-Guix Days
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2020 19:17:46 +0200


The proposed date is on the week-end November, 21th, 9:00am-6:00pm CET.
Is it OK?
Two days is fine with me, but maybe it is a bit too much.  Do you plan
to attend or not at all?

The proposed timeline is:

  Start at 9:00, welcome everyone, explain the schedule.
  9:15: first talk. 30 minutes, and 15 minutes for questions
  10:05: second talk, same format
  10:55: third talk, 15 minutes, 10 minutes for questions
  10:25: fourth talk, same format
  10:55: break, free talk on irc
  11:30: presentation of the rest of the activities.
  11:40: first unconference session (encourage people to chair a session
  with their favorite subject, and letting them work/discuss)
  13:00: summary of previous session and second session
  14:30: summary of previous session, break and free talk
  16:00: summary of previous session and third session
  17:30: summary of previous session and fourth session
  19:00: summary of previous session, the chair gives final thoughts on
  the day. Free discussion on IRC.

The hours are an indication and one or two breaks could be added (feed
our body for better brainstorming, coffee to recover of the last hack
night, etc.).

The sessions are sequential but they could be parallel if there is more
than 4 topics to discuss.  30 minutes or 45 minutes seems the good
duration for one topic, so the choice between sequential vs parallel is
about the number of topics, IMHO.

One person is the chair/secretary of the session.  They keep an eye to
the Chat and report questions or give the floor, etc..  It looks like
unnatural but it is not affordable to have too much open microphones.

It is another story if we are less than 20. :-)

* Video Chat

@Andreas:  Do you think we could use the BibBlueButton from Aquilenet?


Volunteer in helping to check it works around the world?

** Stream

I have dropped an email to Amin Bandali asking them what is behind
<> and maybe we could also stream.  The idea is people
are interested in watching but they know they do not want live talk, so
it save some resource on the Video Chat.

* Keyboard discussion

** Chat

I think it is good to let #guix as usual and to create a temporary
channel just for the event: ##guix-day

In the case of parallel sessions, one temporary channel by session.

  - ##guix-foo
  - ##guix-bar
  - ##guix-cuirass
  - ##guix-kikoo

The idea of the chat is to be able to ask questions or ask the floor for
explaining something.

To me, it does not make sense to log.

** Etherpad

While discussing, the chair man is in charge of the document and it can
be collectively edited to add details.

* Misc

If you are still reading, there is an interesting feedback on LWN.
EmacsConf provides also information about tools (recording, etc.)


Does it make sense?
If yes, the remaining tasks are:

 1. Fix the date
 2. Choose the Video Chat tool
 3. Verify if it is possible to stream
 4. Send a call/announcent

What do you think?

All the best,

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