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Re: pre-Guix Days

From: zimoun
Subject: Re: pre-Guix Days
Date: Sun, 20 Sep 2020 10:25:36 +0200


On Sun, 20 Sep 2020 at 09:37, Pjotr Prins <> wrote:

> > I think it’s a great opportunity (esp. the talks) to reach out to people
> > who probably wouldn’t come physically to the Guix Days because they
> > don’t consider themselves “part of the group”, so we should advertise it
> > widely (and be ready to scale accordingly :-)).
> It is a great idea with a virtual conference to expand the attendee
> group. There are many people out there toying with Guix, or wanting to
> toy (recently I have been chatting with a finance guy in Japan who
> loves Scheme and coming from Nix). This implies we should cater for
> this group too, i.e., make it accessible. Because we can have parallel
> sessions we should have one thread for beginner enthusiasts. Wdyt?


> > The LWN article is a great source.  Note that they had a lot of
> > resources (hardware) to run BBB.  From what they write, I’m not sure we
> > could rely on a single shared BBB instance like that of Aquilenet.
> What are the suggestions for alternatives? Jitsy+IRC can probably handle
> talks with many people, but what do we use for a more unconference
> style? Part of the unconference is a management aspect where people
> and work gets 'divided'. This is very hard to do online with a lot of
> people unless it is 'preset'. Which is not really the unconference
> way.
> In fact, if we take it to a real conference with 100+ attendees we may
> be better off with a more classic presentation model. Have a coding
> hackathon the day after. Or, similar to suggested above, two mornings
> of talks and two evenings of coding. But I fear a true unconference
> will be very hard to organize.
> I am asking because we should also decide about the FOSDEM Guix days
> and virtual beers. FOSDEM will be online and will attract thousands!!
> We'll have a crowd.

Two points:

 1. What I have in mind when proposing this online pre-Guix Days was
to prepare the real Guix Days.  A kind of training session to be able
to scale for a real online Guix Days.
 2. I am not convinced that unconference style fits well the online
constraints, IMHO.  Especially without any online event experience.

Based on that, I am open to help in organizing a pre-Guix Days (more
confidential event) or the Guix Days (wider audience) but we have to
choose, soon.  The main constraint is to pick a date for one or the
other; which fixes the deadlines.

On the technical side, if we go directly to the Guix Days, then we
need a task force to benchmark and run some tests, maybe to setup some
servers, etc..  The question is then: who is volunteering to prepare
the technical part?  I am in, who else?

> Separate question: should we try and submit a proper GNU Guile/Guix
> devroom again? The alternative minimalism devroom strategy works, so
> far, but it kinda became the basket for all talks that can't go
> elsewhere. I mean it is variable though we got some outstanding
> presentations through that room

I agree and we could open another thread to discuss.

All the best,

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