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Re: Transparent decompression with file system filter

From: Robert Millan
Subject: Re: Transparent decompression with file system filter
Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2008 14:20:41 +0100
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On Thu, Jan 03, 2008 at 08:53:19PM +0800, Bean wrote:
> On Jan 3, 2008 7:35 PM, Robert Millan <address@hidden> wrote:
> > How does grub_zfile_open differ from grub_gzfile_open ?
> grub_gzfile_open only handle gzip file, while grub_zfile_open handle
> compressed file in general. when module like gzio starts, it register
> a structure that grub_zfile_open would use to call the decompression
> routine. the binding is dynamic, the modules that use grub_zfile_open
> doesn't depend on the specific decompression module.

Ah, sounds nice.

Robert Millan

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