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Re: Transparent decompression with file system filter

From: Bean
Subject: Re: Transparent decompression with file system filter
Date: Sat, 5 Jan 2008 14:30:37 +0800

On Jan 5, 2008 9:29 AM, Yoshinori K. Okuji <address@hidden> wrote:
> On Thursday 03 January 2008 16:53, Vesa Jääskeläinen wrote:
> > Bean wrote:
> > > On Jan 3, 2008 7:19 AM, Yoshinori K. Okuji <address@hidden> wrote:
> > >> Please wait a minute. Personally, I don't want grub_file_open to
> > >> decompress a content automatically. The name should stand for what it
> > >> does. That was why I named grub_file_open and grub_gzfile_open like
> > >> this. This was really one of what I didn't like in GRUB Legacy.
> > >>
> > >> If you want to have a function to open any kind of compressed file,
> > >> please add something else (e.g. grub_compressed_file_open).
> > >
> > > ok, i keep grub_file_open as it is, and add a new function
> > > grub_zfile_open to handle compressed file. i also expand the list of
> > > commands that use auto decompression:
> >
> > For me zfile doesn't say a thing. Where as name proposed by Okuji is
> > clear to me instantly. Our current compilers can handle long symbol
> > names fine, so why not use them if they make things clearer :) ?
> Agreed.

I'm thinking that compressed might not be the right word, as filter
doesn't limit to decompression, it can support decryption or format
conversion as well. I guess the name grub_file_open_ex may be better.
I also add a flag to the function, if flag!=0, filters are used, and
if flag=0, grub_file_open_ex is just like grub_file_open.

I also change the name fshook to filehook, as these filters only
affect file based operation. The controlling variable is now filehook.
When filehook=0, filters are disabled globally.


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