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Re: [Groff] An uppercase mode

From: Anton Shepelev
Subject: Re: [Groff] An uppercase mode
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2011 22:57:14 +0400

Clarke Echols:

> [...]
> I went through the entire system and changed it so
> the name of a command, system call, etc.  was  al-
> ways  lowercase  unless the actual command or name
> was uppercase or mixed-case.
> That eliminated the confusion and improved usabil-
> ity.  I am still opposed to making typography dif-
> ferent from actual usage because  it's  confusing.
> [...]

You had alread mentioned this, although briefly, and
I completely agree with this approach.  Key entities
such as the names of commands and programms, special
symbols and abbreviations should look the same irre-
gardless  of  where they occur in the text, but this
is orthogonal with how the text of  headers,  except
for  the  aforementioned entities, which must remain
unchanged, is formatted.

The man package is initially configured  to  typeset
headers in bold face, which makes the structure eas-
ily viewable.  But since it  is  not  achievable  in
plain-text  files,  I  have decided to use uppercase
instead, just as it is done in the majority of  unix

I  even  thought of modifying the B font of the text
device so as to convert it into uppercase, but  that
would be my last resort.

Thank you for your reply,

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