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Re: [Groff] An uppercase mode

From: Anton Shepelev
Subject: Re: [Groff] An uppercase mode
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2011 17:50:30 +0400

Thanks for your reply, Werner:

> What about doing it the naive way?
> File `lcuc' in UTF-8 encoding:
> [...]
> Provided you have proper PS fonts, this works with
> -Tps also.
> Am I missing something?

Your example works  perfectly  with  -Tutf8  if  the
source  file  is in UTF-8 and the -K preprocessor is
used, and was the first thing that I tried.  But  it
does  not  work  either  for -Tlatin1, or for -Tutf8
with the source in KOI8-R, which   is  converted  to
Unicode entities using your koi8-r.tmac (included by

   #input: a text file in KOI8-R
   #ouput: a text file in KOI8-R
   #(ru.tmac here defines no character translations,
   # only hyphenation codes and patterns)
   groff -Tlatin1 -mm -mru > test.txt

   #input: a text file in KOI8-R
   #ouput: a text file in UTF-8
   #(ru_utf8.tmac defines character translations of 8-bit input chars onto
   # corresponding unicode entities, according to the KOI8-R encoding)
   groff -Tutf8 -mru_utf8 -mm > test.txt

   #input: a text file in KOI8-R
   #ouput: a PostScript file
   groff -Tps -mru_utf8 -mm >

Your suggestion doesn't work with  either  of  these
(otherwise  functional) scenarios.  I understand why
it is not suitable for the second  and  third  exam-
ples -- that's  probably because .tr "doesn't handle
translations of translations", which can  be  mended
by  a  bigger device-dependent .tr request like this
(this e-mail is in KOI8-R):

   .tr а\[u0410]
   .tr б\[u0411]
   .tr в\[u0412]

But I couldn't come up  with  anything  similar  for
-Tlatin1.  This doesn't work:

   .tr а\[char225]
   .tr б\[char226]
   .tr в\[char247]

Of course, I could use iconv to preconvert the input
file to UTF-8 and, when needed, convert the  result-
ing file back to KOI8-R, thereby using groff the way
you suggested (with -K), but I  think  it's  cumber-


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