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Re: [Groff] multiple EPS images placed on a page

From: Keith MARSHALL
Subject: Re: [Groff] multiple EPS images placed on a page
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2006 09:33:54 +0000

Dean Allen Provins wrote, quoting Joachim Walsdorff:
>> To avoid this warning You must
>> a)  place the .ll request before .TBL and
>> b) increase the linelength a little, because 12x9.7 is 106.4.
> ...  The '.ll' does precede '.TBL' and the line length is less
> than the '.ll' length.

Hmm.  In the example you provided ...

>   .po    1c
>   .sp   |0.5c
>   .TBL cols=12 width='9.7c'
>   .ll    116c
>   .pl    116c

... the `.ll' appears *after* `.TBL', and the table width *is*
*greater* than the `.ll' length, by 4mm, for my arithmetic makes
12*9.7c = 116.4c, and not 106.4c as Joachim states, yet you have
allowed for only 116.0c.


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