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Re: [Groff] multiple EPS images placed on a page

From: Larry Kollar
Subject: Re: [Groff] multiple EPS images placed on a page
Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2006 21:42:02 -0500

Dean Allen Provins wrote:

I need to place multiple EPS files across and down a large page (A0 or
E size).

OpenOffice presentation mode works, but it is easy to confuse files when placing them, resulting in missed or duplicate images. Groff provides a facility to place only 3 across and several rows down on a standard page,
although it is less likely that files will be missed or duplicated.

Huh? Oh, PSPIC.

I'd use tbl for this; Werner suggested hdtbl, which would probably work as well. I should probably start migrating my work stuff toward hdtbl. Eventually. :-)

Larry Kollar     k  o  l  l  a  r  @  a  l  l  t  e  l  .  n  e  t
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