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Re: [Groff] Inserting/importing jpeg photos into groff text?

From: Miklos Somogyi
Subject: Re: [Groff] Inserting/importing jpeg photos into groff text?
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2006 14:22:39 +1000

On 28/03/2006, at 6:06 AM, Clarke Echols wrote:

I need to place a jpeg photo inside a groff document.  I am running
cygwin on Windows 98, and there is no indication that the convert
utility is available in the Cygwin packages; at least none that I
can find...  Hence, no jpeg2ps is accessible, as nearly as I can

Is there an easy way to get jpeg photos into a groff document that
I have overlooked?  It appears to me that this is a problem I'm going
to be encountering in the future as well as now, and it would be
nice to have a practical, efficient, and inexpensive solution.

If you have access to a Mac, Graphic Converter (included in the system) is
a good solution to convert jpeg to eps as an ascii-hex image file.
You can also down-sample photographs to a resolution
more appropriate for a smaller pic in your groff and you can control
the compression/quality as well (further reduction in file sizes).

If I remember well, I did jpeg to ascii85 conversions a few years ago with AFPL GhostScript 8.0 that (or a newer version) could be available on a PC
platform too.


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