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[Groff] Inserting/importing jpeg photos into groff text?

From: Clarke Echols
Subject: [Groff] Inserting/importing jpeg photos into groff text?
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2006 13:06:09 -0700
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I need to place a jpeg photo inside a groff document.  I am running
cygwin on Windows 98, and there is no indication that the convert
utility is available in the Cygwin packages; at least none that I
can find...  Hence, no jpeg2ps is accessible, as nearly as I can

I have figured out how to import EPS into groff source.  Basically,
groff ignores the %%Bounding Box line, and takes that part of the
EPS document between lower-left and upper-right corners (as specified
in the groff document, then scales the result to fit inside the
specified width indicated in the "ps: import..." request to
groff/grops.  I don't have any of the special software one can
purchase from a few sources (such as photoshop?) that read jpeg
files, convert to bitmap, then create EPS from that (or use other
techniques to make the conversion).

Is there an easy way to get jpeg photos into a groff document that
I have overlooked?  It appears to me that this is a problem I'm going
to be encountering in the future as well as now, and it would be
nice to have a practical, efficient, and inexpensive solution.



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