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Re: gpxlogger with depth storing

From: Владимир Калачихин
Subject: Re: gpxlogger with depth storing
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2022 22:38:33 +0300
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07.11.2022 20:41, Gary E. Miller пишет:
Could you fake a complete GPX file with that?  It would help me code.

In attachment.
But it is really fake: NMEA stream from the simulator was recorded by naiveGPXlogger.

Here is a plugin for SignalK, similar to the gpxlogger, that does

I'll look at that, but I not a big fan of .js files.

Me too, but that's the reality.

Give me a week to htink about this, then nag me again.

Yes, of course, no problem

Владимир Калачихин

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