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Re: gpxlogger with depth storing

From: Владимир Калачихин
Subject: Re: gpxlogger with depth storing
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2022 11:39:20 +0300
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06.11.2022 23:29, Gary E. Miller пишет:

gpx has no field for depth.  It can include other XML schemas, so you
need to identify one that allows depth that gpxlogger can use.  Then
changing the code is easy.

Today, there is apparently only one documented scheme left to store depth. This is a Garmin extensions:

To use this scheme, you must add to the gpx header line:
and add shema location to xsi:schemaLocation:
and after this add to trkpt:

Here is a plugin for SignalK, similar to the gpxlogger, that does this:

Or you could ask the GPX people to add depth to their schema.

They are silent.

Владимир Калачихин

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