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Re: gpxlogger with depth storing

From: Gary E. Miller
Subject: Re: gpxlogger with depth storing
Date: Sun, 6 Nov 2022 12:29:47 -0800

Yo Владимир!

On Sat, 5 Nov 2022 13:25:13 +0300
Владимир Калачихин <> wrote:

> I think it would be very good if the gpxlogger could also save depth
> to gpx. But I don't know C at all.
> Is there a way out?

gpx is a standard.  Details here:

gpxlogger tries to comply with the standard, so standards compliant
clients can read the gpxlogger output.

gpx has no field for depth.  It can include other XML schemas, so you
need to identify one that allows depth that gpxlogger can use.  Then
changing the code is easy.

Or you could ask the GPX people to add depth to their schema.

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