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Re: gpsd ignores Galileo satellites

From: Gary E. Miller
Subject: Re: gpsd ignores Galileo satellites
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 2020 10:55:58 -0800

Yo Filip!

On Sat, 28 Nov 2020 08:54:38 +0100
Filip Jan Kubicz <> wrote:

> I'm facing the problem that gpsd v3.20 ignores the Galileo
> satellites. My gpsd clients only see max 20 satellites, while on the
> smartphone I see above 30.

What version?  Newer version work just fine.

> I'm using a Quectel LC79D GNSS emitting NMEA0183. I have confirmed it
> has all constellations enabled in its settings.

Oh, Qeuctel.  A lot of Quectel bugs fixes in git head and 3.21.

> $GNGSA,A,3,05,13,15,20,23,28,,,,,,,1.7,1.1,1.3,1*3F
> $GNGSA,A,3,71,79,80,,,,,,,,,,1.7,1.1,1.3,2*36
> $GNGSA,A,3,103,108,,,,,,,,,,,1.7,1.1,1.3,3*3C
> $GNGSA,A,3,,,,,,,,,,,,,1.7,1.1,1.3,4*30
> $GNGSA,A,3,,,,,,,,,,,,,1.7,1.1,1.3,5*31
> $GNGSA,A,3,,,,,,,,,,,,,1.7,1.1,1.3,6*32

You realize how brokene tnat NMEA is?

Please sena 30 seconds sample captured with gpsd running, this way:
        # gpspipe -R -x 30 > raw.log

Send us raw.log

> However, the Galileo satellites are missing from the "SKY" structure
> in JSON output of GPSD. xpgs and cgps don't show these satellites.
> When running gpsd with debug info, it shows

Xgps, cgps, and the rest, read the SKY, so not in the SKY no point
looking further.

> I'm not familiar with GPSD codebase. Is the cycle ender printout a
> problem at all?

It is a problem only if you care about precise TPV.  Npothing preise
about the Quectel.

> I gathered more debug info with

And left out the interesting parts.  Start by sending the raw.log

> Do you know how to fix this situation?

Insufficient data.

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