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Re: gpsd ignores Galileo satellites

From: Greg Troxel
Subject: Re: gpsd ignores Galileo satellites
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 2020 10:11:07 -0500
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Filip Jan Kubicz <> writes:

> I'm facing the problem that gpsd v3.20 ignores the Galileo satellites. My
> gpsd clients only see max 20 satellites, while on the smartphone I see
> above 30.

3.20 is old.  Please upgrade to 3.21 or build from git and retest.

> However, the Galileo satellites are missing from the "SKY" structure in
> JSON output of GPSD. xpgs and cgps don't show these satellites. When
> running gpsd with debug info, it shows
> psd:INFO: Sats used (16):
> gpsd:IO: <= GPS: $GAGSV,2,1,03,102,86,060,30,103,,,12,6*4B
> gpsd:PROG: xAGSV: part 1 of 2, last_gsv_talker '0x4c' last_gsv_sigid 0
> gpsd:PROG: xxGSV: Partial satellite data (1 of 2).
> gpsd:PROG: GAGSV is just after a cycle ender.
> This log is emitted by NMEA parser:
> I'm not familiar with GPSD codebase. Is the cycle ender printout a problem
> at all?

Could be, but many fixes have happened since 3.20.

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