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Re: RINEX file unable to be processed

From: David J Taylor
Subject: Re: RINEX file unable to be processed
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2020 09:24:05 +0100

Yo David!

On Tue, 28 Jul 2020 07:59:10 +0100
"David J Taylor" <> wrote:
I'll likely try to reproduce the procedure to recreate the RINEX file
and submit it for processing.

I did exactly what the gpsrinex man page example shows.  You can take the
same file you sent me and follow the example to create the RINEX file
just as I did.

The we can see whether I need to
further update my gpsd.

Regardless of gpsrinex, there are many improvements in newer gpsd.



Good news! I could take my .ubx file and convert it into a .obs file which processed correctly. This with gpsrinex revision 831.

One issue  arose (and another for which I'll create a new thread).

On the first terminal I got a timeout:

pi@RasPi-23:~/RINEX $ gpsfake -1 -P 3000 4h-raw.ubx
Processing 4h-raw.ubx
Test timed out: maybe increase WRITE_PAD (= 0.0)

On the second I pressed ^C a little after I saw the error on the first:

pi@RasPi-23:~/RINEX $ gpsrinex -i 30 -n 1000000 :3000
INFO: server: localhost port: 3000  device: Default

Is there anything I need to do to fix this?

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