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Re: Installing 3.20 gpsd from source on Raspberry Pi cards old and new.

From: Gary E. Miller
Subject: Re: Installing 3.20 gpsd from source on Raspberry Pi cards old and new.
Date: Tue, 9 Jun 2020 12:48:35 -0700

Yo Paul!

On Tue, 9 Jun 2020 12:38:59 -0700
Paul Theodoropoulos via <> wrote:

> ??  50 lines vs 2 lines? What, specifically, are you talking about?
> You have a two line system V init file for gpsd?

No, I have a two line initrc file for gpsd AND ntpd.

> Here's the systemd gpsd.service file that is distributed with gpsd:

Plus your /etc/default.d/gpsd, plus similar for tnpd.

> That's longer than what I use, since I don't need the chronyd or 
> gpsd.socket stuff. But ignoring that, it's only thirteen lines.

And ignoring the lines you choose to ignore...

> The basic system V init.d startup file included (in

Does anyne still use that?  You had to work hard to find that straw man.

> So, I think you have it backwards.

Guess again.  The facts in evidence are otherwise.

> > I could could go on, but that is a show stopper, so why bother.  
> As Mr. Taylor clearly stated, "I've now managed to get gpsd 3.20
> working and installed as a service
> using only the files from the current GIT on a Raspberry Pi."

Which he contradicts on his own web page.  But not relevat to any
previous point, and I'll avoid getting sucked into that mud.

> Distros were not in discussion.

Alternate universes?  No point playing if we can't use the same

> > I will note that I agree that there is a lot to dislike about
> > systemd  
> >> philosophically as well as in practice.  
> > God, we agree it is junk.  Just Say No.  
> Please don't put words in my mouth,

Uh, they are right there: "a lot to dislike".  Did that come from a
you in an alternative u ivers?

> You requested that I provide some additional documentation regarding 
> systemd installation.

I'm always open to patches that the users thereof mostly agree on.

> > I specifically said: no mention on that page.  I have no desite to
> > go deeper.  
> There's also no mention on that page of Blueberries or Sandals,

Clearly you missed my point a long time ago...

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