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ntrip and sending position

From: Greg Troxel
Subject: ntrip and sending position
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2019 16:14:08 -0500
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I recently tried to use the ntrip support, and have a few questions.

1) The man page says: to use a form like:


and I wonder what happens if one's username foo is an email address.
For now i have avoided this.

2) I am using a service provided by the Massachusetts Department of
Transportation called MaCORS.  It has a "Virtual Reference Station"
feature where it synthesiszes corrections for your location based on
multiple reference stations, and it can also pick the closest, depending
on the ntrip mountpoint.  See
if you are interested; it's available to the public, but only covers MA.

The man page doesn't address sending position.  The Emlid Reach RTK has
options to 1) not send 2) send a static lat/lon and 3) send the current
position solution.

3) I wonder how to monitor the ntrip stream.  I am sure it has carrier
phase, as people talk about RTK with it.  I think it also has
pseudorange corrections.  While I realize the primary path should be the
MaCORS docs, it seems the gpsd way would have some sort of monitor.

Other than "good ideas, ENOPATCH", any comments?

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