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Re: ntrip and sending position

From: Greg Troxel
Subject: Re: ntrip and sending position
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2019 20:30:06 -0500
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"Gary E. Miller" <address@hidden> writes:

>> It is a problem.  Anyone who has a username with an @ -- which is
>> normal these days to use an email address as a username -- will lose,
>> and the docs don't explain this.
> I've never heard of an NTRIP passworkd being an email address.

Username, not password.

> Can't fix w/o doc.

MaCORS will let you sign up with a username that has an @, and doesn't
mention it as odd.  They will then let you sign up again so you can have
a username without an @ :-)

So I think it's clear enough that the NTRIP username might have an @.

>> MAX apparently sends multiple station info to the rover which is
>> supposed to interpolate, and iMax the server interpolates.  It may be
>> that iMax and "virtual reference station" are two words for the same
>> thing.
> Not much we can do w/o doc.

Understood - just thought it was useful to explain.

I suspect that Max we will ignore and iMax will work, along with
'nearest', one someone figures out how to send location upstream by
reading RTKLIB.

>> I am still unclear on if my corrections are being applied and helping
>> (vs SBAS corrections).
> Depending on your GNSS receiver, gpsd will decode the stream and set
> the proper codes.  My u-blox NEO-M8T goes from #D FIX to 3D DGPS FIX.
> Some older receivers will report 3D DGPS FIX when they have the RTCM2
> data from WAAS.

WAAS is DGPS, really.  It's just that it's a coarse grid, and the data
link from WAAS is a bit iffy in some environments.

>> Definitely when I walk in the woods the
>> accuracy is not good enough with just SBAS for pleasing trail mapping.
> Which is why some GNSS receivers can use NTRIP from the netvia your
> phone.  Or post process the data.

exactly where I am going.

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