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Re: ubxtool and python 3

From: Greg Troxel
Subject: Re: ubxtool and python 3
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2019 10:19:09 -0500
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"Gary E. Miller" <address@hidden> writes:

> Yo Greg!
>> I tried to run ubxtool via gpsd with ntrip, and got an error about
>> mulitple devices.
> Yes, just pick the proper device.  ubxtool knows nothing of non u-blox.

Apparently it does find the ublox device, and maybe the error is spurious.

>> I then read the man page to select one, and:
>>   $ ubxtool  -p  CFG-GNSS localhost:2947:/dev/dtyU0
>>   ubxtool: poll CFG-GNSS
>>   Traceback (most recent call last):
>>     File "/usr/pkg/bin/ubxtool", line 7066, in <module>
>>       command["command"](gps, command["opt"])
>>     File "/usr/pkg/bin/ubxtool", line 6239, in send_poll
>>       gps_model.gps_send(m_data[0], m_data[1], m_data[2:])
>>     File "/usr/pkg/bin/ubxtool", line 5699, in gps_send
>>       self.gps_send_raw(m_all)
>>     File "/usr/pkg/bin/ubxtool", line 5704, in gps_send_raw
>>       io_handle.ser.write(m_all)
>>     File "/usr/pkg/bin/ubxtool", line 6811, in write_gpsd
>>       data_out = b'?DEVICE={"path":"' + opts['target']['device'] +
>> b'",' TypeError: can't concat str to bytes
> Ouch.  I admit to still mostly using python2.  I'll fix that.
> Odd that you are in /usr/pkg.  I assume you forced that somehow?

I am running the latest release, built and installed into /usr/pkg,
which is normal.

>> think I have run into a python 3 bug (3.7.5 here).
> Looks more like a ubxtool bug to me.

Sorry, that's what I meant.  Code that used to be ok which is now
declared buggy in the python3 world.

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