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Re: [gomd-devel] Agreement on Friday night

From: Mirko Caserta
Subject: Re: [gomd-devel] Agreement on Friday night
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2003 00:07:22 +0100

On Sun, 9 Mar 2003 07:38:39 +0000
address@hidden (Matthias Rechenburg) wrote:

> this is what i misunderstand. The getallload return the values for all
> nodes.(and not the mean load)
> There should be also another function getmeanload which will return
> the mean-load of the cluster....... and to my mind this calculation
> should be in the gomd and not in the libgomd. I just wanted to mention
> that we should have most of the calculation work in the gomd and just
> provide results in the libgomd methods. A lot of calculation work in
> the libgomd methods can slow down the developers GUI later.

Yep, I agree with you Matt. There should be a GET MEANLOAD command or
something like that implemented in gomd in order to have an as light as
possible client (monitoring GUI).

And, about the nodes' ranges, it's for selective cluster monitoring. Say
you want to monitor only certain nodes... you could say something like:

GET LOAD 1-4,6,9-12

and filter the monitoring status only for nodes 1,2,3,4,6,9,10,11,12.
That's it. It might be useful for very large clusters.

I guess Gian Paolo and Massimo are already hacking the daemon since we
all agreed to start from implementing its TCP-based interface to the
client, right? ;)

Ciao, Mirko.

PS: how's your wife now?

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