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[gomd-devel] Agreement on Friday night

From: Fierro Massimo
Subject: [gomd-devel] Agreement on Friday night
Date: Sat, 8 Mar 2003 01:35:42 +0100

When everybody had gone and only the brave italian developers still hold on 
they have come to an agreement to bu submitted to the popular vote: let us know 
if you like these specs! :D


NeXuS, Rejected, MCaserta


1) Syntax is kept similar for C methods and Telnet commands.
    e.g. string get( string nodes, string command, string args )
2) Telnet commands synopsis is:  GET|SET [COMMA_SEPARATED_NODE_RANGES|ALL] 
    e.g. GET 1-5,6,17-21 LOAD
3) UDP shall be used for GOMD<->GOMD intercommunication
4) TCP shall be used for Telnet communication
5) TCP/UDP replies contain values in the following format: NODE_ID:VALUE. 
Values are comma-separated.
6) APIs will be as simple as possible

/******    Samples of communication    ******/
user/GOMD"client": GET 1 LOAD
GOMD"server": 1:1000
user/GOMD"client": GET ALL LOAD
GOMD"server": 1:1000,2:555,3:61,4:565,5:565 
user/GOMD"client": GET 1-4,7 LOAD 
GOMD"server": 1:1000,2:555,3:61,4:565,7:5651 


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