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Re: [gomd-devel] Agreement on Friday night

From: Matthias Rechenburg
Subject: Re: [gomd-devel] Agreement on Friday night
Date: Sat, 8 Mar 2003 12:35:47 +0000

Hi Massimo and all,

On Samstag, 8. März 2003 00:35, Fierro Massimo wrote:
> When everybody had gone and only the brave italian developers still hold on

.. you are so right ;)
and i have to say sorry again. You heard about the accident my wife had
yesterday :( She is better but not really ok yet.

> they have come to an agreement to bu submitted to the popular vote: let us
> know if you like these specs! :D 

yep, i like the specs :)
was quite usefull (even in the short time we had yesterday) to get some things
cleared up in the chat. 

> NeXuS, Rejected, MCaserta
> 1) Syntax is kept similar for C methods and Telnet commands.
>     e.g. string get( string nodes, string command, string args )
> 2) Telnet commands synopsis is:  GET|SET [COMMA_SEPARATED_NODE_RANGES|ALL]
> 3) UDP shall be used for GOMD<->GOMD intercommunication
> 4) TCP shall be used for Telnet communication
> 5) TCP/UDP replies contain values in the following format: NODE_ID:VALUE.
> Values are comma-separated. 6) APIs will be as simple as possible


> /******    Samples of communication    ******/
> user/GOMD"client": GET 1 LOAD
> GOMD"server": 1:1000

yep, good

> user/GOMD"client": GET ALL LOAD
> GOMD"server": 1:1000,2:555,3:61,4:565,5:565 

maybe we should just reply the mean load of the whole cluster ?
like e.g. 
GOMD"server": ALL:445
or do you want to have this calculation in the libgomd ?
........just my thought is that we should have this calculation
in the gomd because it might slow down GUI applications
if we have it in the libgomd (imagine a huge cluster)

> user/GOMD"client": GET 1-4,7 LOAD 
> GOMD"server": 1:1000,2:555,3:61,4:565,7:5651 

usefull, maybe not needed (the ranges). My suggestion is just
to report all values from all online nodes 
(mean values for the whole cluster). 
To my mind the client application will just need to get one value from
a special node by request or the mean value for the whole cluster.
Why do we need the ranges ?
( .... there may be a reason for it i did not see yet)


Many thanks to you all.
all the best,

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