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Re: How active is development?

From: Derek Neighbors
Subject: Re: How active is development?
Date: Sun, 26 May 2002 18:43:25 -0700

> Is the GNUe project actively being worked on?  I looked at the
> IRC logs and it really looked like a joke.

Let me iterate that yes IRC is 90% joke and 10% development, but still
the majority of the development design work is done there.  One thing
you will find with GNUe is that there are a lot of 'professionals' who
quite frankly started GNUe to work in an environment other than what
they get paid to work in.  (read there is great enjoyment in the
community)  So yes IRC might seem childish and full of mindless banter,
but it is fun. :)

As long as the work is getting done, we see no reason to stop such play.
 In fact, often we encourage it. :)  I agree with Chad's later comments
that we are not dead and CVS commits happen daily in volumes larger than
most Free Software packages.

If you dont have time for IRC a good place to get the 'real' summaries
are the Kernel Cousin's produced by Peter Sullivan.  They cut virtually
all the noise out.


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