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Compiere now #1 on sourceforge

From: Todd Boyle
Subject: Compiere now #1 on sourceforge
Date: Tue, 28 May 2002 13:13:21 -0700

Sorry for the crosspost, but, 257,000 downloads??

Compiere ERP + CRM Business Solution is a large J2EE
Java product requiring Oracle database).  I test drove it.
This is a serious, deep, extensive functionality, reflecting
quite an extensive information model.  I am frankly, not
competent to review it from a big-picture perspective and
I'm worried whether the object hierarchies and conceptual
models in Compiere are good or bad.

Are there any ERP professionals out there, who have
reviewed this, who can provide a whole, big-picture perspective?

After the Compiere code is ported to PostGreSQL database,
isn't this something smaller businesses should consider
installing a subset from?

Anything that accumulates a large enough user base,
creates the possibility of a de-facto standard syntax
and vocabulary that everybody else can use, as well,
to send and receive orders, invoices, payments and
other data over the internet.   Commercial vendors
are more dedicated than ever to avoiding standardization
of transaction formats so, it can only come from something
like Compiere.  Even standards like ebXML, OAGIS or UBL
are relatively useless without software to run them, i.e.,
they will be usable by SMEs only at the discretion of
Sage, Intuit, Microsoft, and other vendors.

Todd Boyle CPA  9745-128th Ave NE  Kirkland WA 425-827-3107
Give me ambiguity or give me something else.

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