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Re: How active is development?

From: Joe Konecny
Subject: Re: How active is development?
Date: Fri, 24 May 2002 12:22:26 -0400

No quips involved.  Here is a quote from that made
me look at the irq logs.  "A good deal of development and design has 
been taking place on IRC."  When I looked at these logs it was a large
amount of banter from individuals with obviously too much time on their
hands.  Have you ever read them or sat in on IRC?

I do however agree with you logic below, although it would seem typical
(but not mandatory) that the rate of conversation (c) would be somewhat
proportional to the rate of development (d).

Chad Walstrom wrote:
> On Fri, May 24, 2002 at 09:24:07AM -0400, Joe Konecny wrote:
> > Is the GNUe project actively being worked on?  I looked at the IRC
> > logs and it really looked like a joke.
> The rate of conversation (c) is not proportional to the rate of
> development (d).  The rate of development (d) is reflected better by the
> rate of cvs committs (t).  I would suggest that you check out the CVS
> repository for you revaluation and save the quips for later.
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