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Re: ERP standards

From: Todd Boyle
Subject: Re: ERP standards
Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2002 15:18:03 -0800

>  ...we have a hard time endorsing standards that either:
>a. require a fee for membership to give input [..or]
>b. are vendor [..]created to cause confusion among those not in the 'vendors' circle

I would like to point to the ARAP project, which is free, and is not in any
way vendor-specific. It is a completely open attempt to observe, or perceive,
the needs of every GL in the world, and see what can be done towards
an application-neutral standard for general ledger interfaces.

There are numerous other standards efforts which also pass
the tests in the criteria (a) and (b) .  The objective fact is
that GNUE does not study or comply with any standards,
because it takes more time and research, and does not
provide the software developer with a positive return on their
additional time invested, in most circumstances.

Duncan Unwin articulated this issue superbly well, here on this list,

"Standards" are a kind of community contract that are viable
in some circumstances, and not viable in others.  Let's just
be honest about that.  It's kind of like what gays go through,
when they come out of the closet, or anybody else admitting
things they don't like about themselves.

GNUE project is certainly not unique in ignoring various
standards of course.  We should count our blessings and
salute Neil, Derek, and other key developers for their generosity
in offering this open source project to the community.  They're
aware of standards processes.  It is their own prerogative, to
make whatever architecture decisions they want, since they
are the ones writing the code.  I just don't like the pretensions,
that there are not really any suitable standards for GNUE to
study or observe,


At 07:38 AM 2/23/02, Derek A. Neighbors wrote:
We of course think standards are important. I think the biggest problem is we have a hard time endorsing standards that either:

a. require a fee for membership to give input. as it is against the nature of free software to have to 'pay' to participate in the development of the 'standard', participation should be meritted by one's ability expertise in an area not whether their company can afford the fee.

b. are vendor creator or used by vendors to neutralize a market, specifically the standard is created to cause confusion among those not in the 'vendors' circle

That said, GNUe is highly flexible so it could be made to support almost any 'standard' you so desire. I do not know of this MRPII standard but would love to see more on it, can you either provide a link in a return email or submit it as a story on ?


Derek Neighbors
GNU Enterprise

Ke Deng wrote:

   How do you think of the ERP Standards(such as MRPII standard written by
Oliver Wight)? Is it important for GNUe?

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